About Us
SolarStaff is a division of MEMStaff Inc., which was established in 2006 with a simple goal to further enable the MEMS industry by locating the top professionals for our clients. Since then, MEMStaff has clearly become established as the leading recruiting firm for the MEMS industry. MEMStaff quickly realized that it's technical background and knowledge of the semiconductor industry as well as niche areas of that industry, which require "specialty" techniques and skills, was of value to growing solar companies. SolarStaff was formed in order to focus on the needs of the Solar Industry in order to better serve it.

SolarStaff has expanded to three U.S. locations and developed a client list of both domestic and international clients. SolarStaff has become highly successful in Solar staffing by building a team that is made up of the right balance of semiconductor industry and technical experience as well as strong recruiting and HR experience. This expertise allows SolarStaff to understand the technical details of a job description, evaluate experience levels in order to properly screen, and use established and proven recruiting techniques to match the right people with the right job.


The key reasons for our success are our commitment to understanding the technology, strong industry relationships, and unbending integrity.

Understanding the Technology

SolarStaff is a division of MEMStaff, which was founded by Jason Weigold, Ph.D.. At the time, Jason was a staff engineer at Analog Devices and held a PhD in Solid State Electronics from the University of Michigan. From within the industry, Jason realized that existing recruiting firms did not understand their processes or needs. As MEMStaff has grown, we have maintained the commitment to attract industry professionals and conduct in-depth training for our recruiters. We intend to understand our customer processes and not just pass along resumes.

Strong Industry Relationships

From the start, we have fully engaged in the industries where we participate. We regularly attend and contribute to technical conferences, symposiums, and other industry events. As such, we are constantly interacting with the top professionals and we stay abreast of the latest technical developments. In addition, we seek to attract industry professionals from the industries we serve.

Unbending Integrity

We firmly believe that maintaining our integrity is the foundation for future growth. We commit to complete confidentiality for our clients and our candidates. And we will not pursue opportunities that will cause us to do otherwise.
With these underpinnings, SolarStaff will continue to provide the best service to the Solar market. We firmly believe that through the blending of technical understanding and proven recruiting techniques, SolarStaff will continue to grow by offering substantial value to our clients.

SolarStaff is a division of MEMStaff Inc., a registered employment agency with The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Department of Labor, Registration No: R02511.